Alumni- August 2016

ImpacTech Alumni- August 2016

Alumni- August 2016

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Tango Health’s flagship product, Tango, aims to decrease isolation and loneliness amongst the elderly by encouraging them to explore events, work and volunteering opportunities around their neighbourhood through a simple and easy to use mobile app.


Trabeller bring new travel experience to travellers with special needs. With the vast improvements in technology, there are endless possibilities in combining safer road traveling and traveling for population with special needs.


Hourvillage is a global person-to-person (P2P) platform which facilitates exchange of services as equal credits of one hour each, with no money being transacted, based on big data analytics.


EggChill aims to be the one stop shop for resources on everything fertility in Asia and provide information on fertility related issues to educate and encourage women to own their fertility future, provide a community to connect like-minded women.


A virtual transportation hub for sectors with special needs. The “UBER” for the disabled. Already running in Singapore and in the process of expanding regionally.


The mission of CreateCATT is to provide best practices in clinical and educational support for children and adults with special needs with a particular emphasis on learning through play and creativity.

Magnetic Motors

Magnetic Motors is high efficiency permanent magnet motor of unique characteristics such as high power/torque density motor and relies on high potential (voltage) and low amperage for operations.


An innovative unique delivery logistics solution platform that connects and benefits the needy and unprivileged the industry logistics needs.


An innovative online nutrition and health coaching platform, promoting healthier lifestyle by utilizing technology.


Online/ mobile platform to help caregivers to search, book, manage and pay for home healthcare services in an accessible and flexible way.


Youcall is a VOIP mobile solution that brings a new approach in making individual and group Calls. The solution tries to tackle language barriers in voice communication, by applying voice translation tools.