February 2017

ImpacTech February 2017

February 2017

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Joice empowers families to make healthy food choices by recommending nutritious recipes plus dine-out and delivery options in a personalised and evidence based manner.




Gigsmiths is shaping the future of the global workforce so no one is left behind.
Tapping into the vibrant and growing gig economy, we are developing our proprietary algorithms, data analytics and A.I. so that we can matchmake teams of diverse giggers to businesses so they can perform a wide range of tasks and services to help them reduce costs, flex their capabilities & scale their operations quickly.


Good For Food


Good For Food is an IoT FoodTech startup committed to tackling food waste in kitchens. Their Smart Weighing and Tracking System with image recognition technology tracks food waste and provide big data analytics to kitchens, empowering them to reduce their food waste, cost and environmental footprint.




Barterli is a community marketplace that allows readers to Exchange, Buy and Sell their Books. Barterli aims to utilize billions of idle books and find new readers for those books.




Acceset is an anonymous social media platform with an integrated portal that agglomerates relevant therapist, counsellors and service providers with mental health expertise. Our technology makes it easy for troubled users to share problems, receive support from trained volunteers with similar experiences and referrals to relevant professional help when needed.




Imaginem is a social startup for photography, where we use photography to empower individuals from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.
Imaginem also aims to build a community of thought in interpreting individuals, events and issues. Through photography, Imaginem is about visually transcribing one’s curiosity about what is going on in the world, respecting individual and shared experiences.




At MightyAim, it is front-end user friendly solution to empower visually impaired access applications and engage in every industries. Our solution, SenseUX (SDK), allows insitutions to integrate assistive technology on their existing applications and enhance their digital offerings to reach out to the untapped market of more than 285 million people with visual impairements.




LifeStak is an adaptive, self-paced learning and mentorship platform that helps individuals acquire knowledge and build capacity towards their career and lifestyle goals by interweaving learning into their personal schedule.